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BUCHANAN Margaret Jane b1827 - Obituary 1917 1.png

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Mrs. Caldecott, Snr.\
A link with the very foundation of Australia as a colony was severed last week in the death, at the age of 90, of Mrs Caldecott, mother of Mr H. E. Caldecott, J.P. Though living a very retired life Mrs Caldiecott, sir., had been a resident of Footscray for over 30 years, coming to the city with her son, with whom she lived after the death of her husband. She resided with a widowed daughter, Mrs James, at 86 Nicholson street. Mrs Caldecott\'92s long life had been a very full one. Born in Omaha, ireland, she went as an infant with her parents to Canada, where she was reared and educated in the Province of Quebec. Here she learned to speak French equally well with her native English. As a young woman she travelled the West Indies extensively, eventually marrying Captain Young, a shipowner, in Canada. A month after her marriage Captain Young was lost at sea. This was about the time of the gold rush and the young widow with a companion, Miss Blake, decided to try their fortunes in Australia, where Captain Young had relatives, merchants in Melbourne. It was here that Mrs Caldecott met Mr Alfred Millwater Caldecott, who had been brought out by the original Provincial Government of South Australia as a shorthand writer. Mr Alfred Caldecott was an accountant and afterwards became connected with the Victorian Immigration department when Victoria was raised to the dignity of a separate colony. Mr and Mrs Caldecott lived at Doncaster, where Mr H. E. Caldecott was born. About this time the Fiji cotton boom broke out, and Mr Alfred Caldecott, with several other gentlemen well known in Melbourne, went to Fiji to plant cotton and, as it turned out, lose a great deal of money. Mr Caldecott, after the failure of his venture, went to Mauritius, where Mrs Caldecott was about to join him, who her husband fell ill and }

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