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Hertfordshire, England



Latitude: 51.821514, Longitude: -0.056104


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Calcutt, Bettina Marguerite  Jan 2012Hertfordshire, England I9797
2 Calcutt, Betty  Jan 2012Hertfordshire, England I9732
3 Calcutt, Charles William  Jul 2014Hertfordshire, England I9661
4 Calcutt, Reginald  Oct 2018Hertfordshire, England I9435
5 Caldecoat, Gladys Elizabeth  Jan 2013Hertfordshire, England I9678
6 Callcott, Brian Richard  Jul 2010Hertfordshire, England I9913
7 Callcut, Edward Frederick  Jul 2011Hertfordshire, England I9872
8 Callcut, Florence Irene H  Jan 2012Hertfordshire, England I9745
9 Callcut, Georgina Frances  Jan 2016Hertfordshire, England I9609
10 Callcut, Henry John  Abt 2011Hertfordshire, England I9861
11 Callcut, Lina Elisabeth  Jan 2017Hertfordshire, England I9550
12 Callcut, Raymond Herbert  Jan 2017Hertfordshire, England I9502
13 Callcut, Verity Joyce  20 Oct 2013Hertfordshire, England I9741
14 Coldicott, Eric William J  Oct 2017Hertfordshire, England I9433
15 Collicott, Ian Nigel  Oct 2016Hertfordshire, England I9551
16 Russell, Molly Fernande H  Jan 2016Hertfordshire, England I3283