Caldecotts of Rugby – Extract from History and Antiquities of Rugby by Albert Edward Treen

Lawford Hall Little Lawford

But to return to William Boughton, Esquire, who purchased the Manor of Rugby in 1720. This gentleman was baptised on the 1st April 1682. He unfortunately died almost immediately after he had purchased the Manor, and by his will dated that year (1720) and proved June 3rd, 1720, bequeathed his Manor of Rugby, with his other lands, to trustees, they to permit his sister-in-law Anne Boughton, widow of his late brother Edward, to enjoy the rents and profits of all his lands in Rugby during her life; and after her decease, the said trustees were to receive the rents thereof until his nephew William Boughton, son of his said late brother Edward, should attain the age of twenty-five years. His brother, Edward Boughton, who died in November 19th, 1719, and was buried in Bilton Church, on November 22nd, married Ann, daughter of a Mr Worth (I think a daughter of Mr George Worth, of Kings Newnham, who was appointed a Guardian of Mr. William Boughton, in 1730, then an infant). This Ann Boughton possessed the Manor of Rugby from the time of the death of her first husband’s brother, in 1719, until her death in 1729. She married for her second husband a Mr. Phillip Kench, a gentleman living either at Thurlaston or in that vicinity, and who predeceased her in 1728. The son of Ann Boughton, William Boughton, Esq., who was baptised at Rugby on the 8th December, 1718, succeeded his mother in the Manor of Rugby in 1729. He married a Miss Ann Deacon, of Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. Her first husband, Mr. William Boughton, was buried on the 4th of May, 1745, in Bilton Church. Nicholas has got down as “buried at Rugby 2th May, 1746,” but it stands in the Bilton register thus: “1745. William Boughton, of Rugby, Esq., was buried May ye 4th.” This gentleman, by his will dated the 21st of January, 1744, bequeathed the Manor of Rugby, in default of issue of his body to his wife Ann, and to her heirs and assigns for ever. His wife Ann Deacon, married a second husband in 1748. This gentleman was William Caldecott, Esquire, who had descended from the family anciently seated at Catthorpe, Leicestershire. He was baptised at Leicester in 1713, where his father, Mr. Thomas Caldecott, was then practising as a barrister. Mr. William Caldecott died in 1777 at the age of 64. The above William Boughton, Esquire, was succeeded by his only son, Edward Boughton, Esquire, who was baptised on the 18th November, 1742, but who died an infant and was buried at Bilton Church on July 1st, 1745, the same year as his father. He was succeeded by his sister Anna Boughton, who was born in 1746, and who became the first wife of Alexander Hume, Esq., in 1765. This lady practically was born Lady of the Manor of Rugby. She died in 1777, and Mr. Hume died on the 12th May, 1794, at Clay Hill, Enfield, Middlesex, aged 68. His second wife was Ann, sole daughter and heiress of John Adolphus Schroeder, Esq., whom he married in 1779, by whom he had five children.

The above Ann Boughton, who became Mrs. Hume, was succeeded by her eldest son Abraham Hume, Esquire, of Bilton Grange, near Rugby, which was a portion of the property which had passed down in the Boughton family from the time of the Dissolution. This gentleman became Lord of the Manor of Rugby on the death of his father, who retained the Manorial rights by virtue of his marriage, after his wife’s death, until his own decease, when they passed to his son, Abraham. This Abraham lived at Bilton Grange and is, I believe, interred in Bilton Church. He married on December 31st, 1795, Sally, third daughter of the Reverend Sir Charles Wheler, Bart., of Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire. They left a family of eight children, who left this neighbourhood and became scattered. In the year 1801 Abraham Hum, Esq., sold the Manor of Rugby to Abraham Caldecott, Esq., who shortly after built “The Lodge” on a portion of the estate, and continued to reside there as Lord of the Manor until his decease on the 8th September, 1829. He was High Sheriff of Warwickshire in 1821. He married Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Marriott, Rector of Cotesbach, Leicestershire, and was buried in St. Andrew’s Churchyard. He was succeeded as Lord of the Manor of Rugby by his second son, Thomas Caldecott, Esq., who was baptised in the tiny church of Cotesbach in 1798. He became a student at the Middle Temple, but did not practice as a barrister. He married in 1828, for his first wife, Ann Catherine, daughter of Lieut.-Colonel James West. Royal Artillery, by whom he had eight children. He died on the 29th of Sept., 1875, and was interred in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Rugby. He married, secondly, Mrs. Elizabeth Hume, a widow lady, who died in November 1899, who was the last lady of the Manor of Rugby. The property after her decease passed to the children of Mr. Thomas Caldecott’s daughter Ellen, who married Edmund Harris, Esq., solicitor, Rugby; the Misses Harris, St Andrew’s Street, Rugby, who are consequently co-heiresses of the Manorial Lordship of Rugby.

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