Transcription of Will of Surgeon Colonel Randolph Caldecott 1847 – 1898 of Holbrook Grange

I, RANDOLPH CALDECOTT of Holbrook Grange Rugby in the County of Warwick a Surgeon Colonel in Her Majesty’s Indian Medical Service hereby revoke all former Wills and Testamentary Dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament I appoint my Brother Colonel Charles Thomas Caldecott of Holbrook Grange – aforesaid and my Sister Eleanor Caldecott of the same place (hereinafter called “My Trustees”) EXECUTOR EXECUTRIX and Trustees of this my Will I devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate and effects unto my Trustees in trust to convert into money the same and to invest the proceeds with power to vary the investments thereof and to pay the income thereof to my said Brother Charles Thomas Caldecott during his life and after his death In trust as to both the Capital and Income thereof for my two Sisters Merriel ~ Caldecott and the said Eleanor Caldecott in equal shares as tenants in common provided ~ they shall both survive the said Charles Thomas Caldecott but if either of them the said Merriel Caldecott or Eleanor Caldecott shall die in the lifetime of the said Charles ~ Thomas Caldecott or in my lifetime then In trust as to the whole Capital and Income for the survivor of my said two sisters absolutely And I empower my Trustees to postpone the conversion of any part of my property for any period not exceeding two years after my death as they shall think fit and the income of any property remaining unconverted during the said two years shall from the time of my death be paid and applied in the same manner as the income of the proceeds thereof would have been payable and applicable for the time being if the same had been converted IN WITNESS whereof I have set my hand to this my ~ last Will the sixteenth day of May One thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight – – – R. CALDECOTT Sugn Colonel – Signed by the above named Randolph Caldecott as his last Will in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses – – W. T. HUBBARD Solr 28 Charles Street St James’ London S. W. – THOMAS JOHN JORDAN his clerk.

ON the 6th day of May 1899 Probate of this Will was granted to Charles Thomas Caldecott and Eleanor Caldecott spinster the Executors.

To see the image file of the original Will document go to the person file of Randolph Caldecott here – Surgeon-Colonel Dr. Randolph Caldecott b. 29 Jul 1847 Ladbrooke, Warwickshire, England d. 29 Sep 1898 London, Middlesex, England (

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