Transcription of Will of Colonel Charles Thomas Caldecott 1831-1911 of Holbrook Grange

I CHARLES THOMAS CALDECOTT of Holbrook Grange in the County of Warwick a Colonel upon the retired list of His Majesty’ Army hereby revoke all former Wills and Codicils made by me and declare that this is my last Will.

  1. I appoint my Sisters Eleanor and Merriel and George Wharton Marriott of 13 St George’s Road S.W. Esquire EXECUTORS and TRUSTEES of this my Will.
  1. I declare that in the interpretation of this my Will the expression “my Trustees” shall (where the context permits) mean and include the trustees or trustee for the time being hereof whether original or substituted.
  1. I bequeath all my personal chattels and effects other than money or securities for money equally unto and between my said sisters Eleanor and Merriel.
  1. I bequeath the following pecuniary legacies free of all duties.

(a) To Ethel Taylor the wife of Cecil Salusbury Taylor Royal Artillery the sum of One thousand pounds
(b) To each of my Executors who shall prove my Will the sum of Two hundred pounds.

  1. I bequeath to my trustees the residue of my personal estate Upon trust to sell call in and convert (with power at their discretion to postpone such conversion) into money such parts thereof as shall not consist of ready money and shall out of the moneys to arise from such sale calling in and conversion pay  my debts testamentary expense the foregoing legacies and all estate and legacy duties (including estate duty upon the real estate hereinafter devised which I hereby expressly direct and authorise them to pay out of my personal estate) and upon trust to invest the residue of the said moneys upon any of the investments hereinafter authorised and to pay out of the income thereof so far as the same will extend the following annuities free of all duties and to be paid half yearly the first payment to be made at the expiration of six calendar months after my death videlicet.

(a) To my brother Major General Francis Caldecott C.B. an annuity of One hundred pounds during his life

(b) To my nephew Frederick Hugh Caldecott an annuity of One hundred pounds during his life

(c) To my brother Everard Garfoot Caldecott an annuity of One hundred pounds during his life

(d) To my niece Frances Margaret Cochran an annuity of Fifty pounds during her life

(e) To my niece Cecil Geraldine Cochran an annuity of Fifty pounds during her life

(f) To my niece Mary Ridding an annuity of Forty pounds during her life

(g) To my niece Emily Charlotte Ridding an annuity of Forty pounds during her life and if and so far as the income of my personal estate shall be insufficient to answer such annuities or any of them then I direct that such deficiency shall be charged on the income of my real estate unless my said two sisters to whom I have hereafter given my real estate shall within six calendar months after my death give a bond or bonds to secure to the Trustees of this my Will the amount or amounts of such deficiency or deficiencies but no purchaser from my said two Sisters of any part of the said real estate shall be concerned or bound to enquire as to the giving of the said bond or bonds.

  1. Subject as aforesaid I bequeath all the residue of my personal estate equally between my said two Sisters Eleanor and Merriel.
  1. I devise all my real estate equally to and between my said two Sisters.
  1. I direct that in addition to the investments for the time being allowed by law for the investment of trust funds any moneys requiring investment under this my will may be invested in any of the following investments with liberty to vary and transpose the same from time to time videlicet.

(a) Stocks or Securities guaranteed by the British Government or by the Government of India

(b) Mortgages of leaseholds in England or Wales held for any term whereof not less than Sixty years shall be unexpired at the time of investment and mortgages of a life interest or life interests whether in land or money combined with an assurance of the life or lives

(c) The shares stocks or securities of any Company or Corporation whether Commercial Municipal local or otherwise carrying on business or constituted for any purpose in the United Kingdom

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this seventh day of April One thousand nine hundred and nine – C. T. CALDECOTT – SIGNED by the above named Charles Thomas Caldecott as his last Will in the joint presence of himself and us who at his request and in such joint presence have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

  • BERNARD E. H. BIRCHAM 46 Parliament Street Westminster Solicitor
  • JOHN A MACLEAN 2 Whitehall Court Porter

ON the 1st day of June 1911 Probate of this Will was granted to Eleanor Caldecott and Merriel Caldecott and George Wharton Marriott the Executors.

For images of this will see the person file of Charles Thomas Caldecott at Colonel Charles Thomas Caldecott b. 24 Dec 1831 Calcutta, West Bengal, India d. 1 May 1911 Saint Martin In the Fields, Middlesex, England (

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