1939 Caldecotts and Where They Lived

I have now finished collecting data from the 1939 Register for the Caldecott variation of the surname.

The 1939 Register was a national register of Great Britain and Northern Ireland instigated by the outbreak of WW2. This document not only helped with civilian administration throughout the war for identity cards, organising rationing, etc., but also provided the foundation for NHS records.

The results show a very interesting variation in the locations where the Caldcotts lived in comparison to the spelling Caldicott – for those results in more detail then please see 1939 Caldicotts and Where They Lived.

But to summarise the majority of those recorded in the Register with the Caldicott spelling of the surname were living in the central counties with Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire being the most populated.

In contrast, the Register shows those with the Caldecott variant of the surname were living in the north western counties with Lancashire and Cheshire having the largest numbers.

There is still a reasonable size population in Warwickshire with this having the third largest population. However, when comparing the amount of Caldecotts in the northern counties to the central regions, the northern areas have the highest number of instances as can be seen in the chart below –

Caldecott 1939 Register County Analysis Chart

The highest population of Caldicotts appear in Lancashire where there were 88 out of the 393 total in England and Wales. The table below shows the data for the top ten counties in which the Caldicotts were most frequently found –

Caldecott Top Ten Counties in 1939 Register

The table below shows the distribution of Caldicotts across Lancashire, with the largest population occupying Droylesden –

Caldecott 1939 Register Lancashire Analysis

In Cheshire, the most populated boroughs were Birkenhead and Tarvin –

Caldecott 1939 Register Cheshire Analysis

The other noteworthy observation that can be made upon comparing the two variations of the surname are that the total number of people recorded in the 1939 Register with the surname Caldicott was 624 almost double the total number of people with the surname Caldecott which was 393. This reveals that Caldicott is the more popular spelling of the two.

It will be interesting to discover whether the variations between the locations of the variants Caldicott and Caldecott are because their origins were different and if those origins were based close to the most populated areas revealed here for 1939.

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