Edward Caldicott – abt 1816 – 1878 – Confectioner & Pastry Cook

Edward Caldicott was born to Edward Caldicott and Anne (nee Alford Smith) in about 1816 and was the second of their four children. His father Edward was a baker, pastry cook and confectioner, a trade which his son would also follow.

Edward was baptised on 6th November 1816 in Leominster, Herefordshire. He sadly lost his mother who died when Edward was aged just 6.

His father remarried to Caroline Hargrave on 27 September 1823 in Leominster,B and the couple had two children – William Hargrave and Elizabeth Hargrave. But his father was sadly made a widower for the second time in 1839.

In the 1841 Census Edward is shown as living with his father in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and both were working together as bakers.

He married Louisa Clarke Stowe, daughter of James Stowe, a gardener at St Peter’s Church, Cheltenham on 14 November 1850.

St Peter's Church Cheltenham
B) Copyright Jonathan Billinger

The couple had six children together – Annie Louisa, Edward James, Emma Charlotte, William Minchin, Elizabeth Blanche Sarah and Cecilia Margaret.

In the 1850s and 1860s Edward and his family lived in Cheltenham at 11 Winchcomb Street and he continued to work there as a confectioner and pastry cook at his work premises next-door at 12 Winchcomb Street.

Winchcomb Street

Edward and his family then moved to Bath Street, Hereford, his father’s house, probably after his father’s death in 1869. Presumably he continued his father’s business as he is listed there in the 1871 Census as a confectioner.

Edward died in Hereford in 1878 at the age of 62 years.

Louisa, his widow survived him for 32 years. At first she made her way by working as a housekeeper for the Rector Of Llanthewyvach, over the border in Wales, living as part of the household atB Llanthewy Rectory in Llanthewy, Monmouthshire. At this time, her children, William Minchin, Elizabeth Blanche Sarah and Cecilia Margaret were living with their elder sister, Emma Charlotte and her husband, Henry Tucker Heard.

In the 1891 Census she is listed as a visitor at the household of Edwin Walker a farmer in Little Washbourne, Gloucestershire and is living by her own means.

In 1898 she inherited the estate of her spinster sister, Sarah Ann Stowe, a sizeable sum for the time ofB B#1955 19s. 5d. which presumably meant that she could live out the rest of her years as an ageing widow comfortably.

Louisa died on 4 October 1910 in her home of over a decade at 16 Clive Street back in Hereford.

But the story of Edward Caldicott and Louisa Clarke Stowe ends with a mystery as there are two appeals recorded in the press for the descendants of Louisa from a solicitor, presumably tracing heirs of her will. They feature in the Gloucestershire Echo in 1933 and the Cheltenham Chronicle in 1944.

Apart from their son, William Minchin their children were all still alive in 1910 when Louisa died and her son, Edward James was actually the informant on her death certificate, so it is a mystery why none of her offspring inherited her estate. It is also a mystery about what eventually became of Louisa’s property and whether any of their descendants ever came forward to make their rightful claim.

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