Emma Caldicott b1836 – Keeping it in the Family!

Emma Caldicott was the first child born to Joseph Caldicott (1810 – 1870) and Caroline Connop (1814 – 1895).

She was born in about 1836 in Coventry. Her father, Joseph began his working life as a ribbon weaver but, by the age of 37, had become a postman. By the age of 15, Emma had also become a ribbon weaver, work she continued to do even into the first years of her marriage.

Ribbon and silk weaving was a huge industry in Coventry, Cash’s being one of the most notorious family firms. The Caldicotts of Coventry were also a ribbon manufacturing family and it is likely that Emma worked for the family company.

Emma married George Kent on 10th March 1861 at West Orchard United Reformed Church in Coventry.

George Kent was a watchmaker in Coventry, which was also a popular profession in the city as it was one of the main centres of the watchmaking industry in England.

The couple had two daughters, Caroline Kent, born in 1861 and Emma Amelia Kent, born in 1864. And it is here when tragedy causes the family’s story to take an interesting turn.

Emma Amelia Kent
Emma Amelia Kent

On the 17th March 1888 Emma Amelia married Ernest Edward Stringer, an insurance agent, at St Michael’s Church, Coventry.

The couple had two daughters, Clara Amelia Stringer, born on 12th April 1888, shortly after their wedding, and Elsie Maud Stringer, born in 1889.

Sadly, tragedy was to strike the family when Emma Amelia died in May 1891, aged just 26 years old. She was buried on 22nd May 1891 at the London Road Civic Cemetery in Coventry.

London Road Civic Cemetery
London Road Civic Cemetery

Left as a widower so early in his marriage and with two young daughters to raise, it was no surprise that Ernest Edward Stringer would look for another wife. He did not look far, however, as less than two years after the death of Emma Amelia, he married her elder sister, Caroline Kent in 1893 at Abbey Hill United Reformed Church in Kenilworth, near Coventry.

Abbey Hill United Reformed Church, Kenilworth
Abbey Hill United Reformed Church, Kenilworth

Ernest and Caroline had another daughter, Edith Emma Stringer born on 1st November 1893 in Coventry, half-sister to Clara and Elsie.

Ernest died, aged 68 at Gulson Road Hospital in Coventry, on 21st October 1934.

Caroline died over twenty years later in 1958, aged 96, in Coventry.

Caroline and Emma Amelia’s father George Kent died aged just 46 in 1882. Their mother, Emma Caldicott died in December 1919, surviving him as a widow by nearly forty years. She managed to cope financially by earning a living dressmaking after her husband’s premature death.

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