Harvey Caldicott – 1858 – 1955 – Indonesian State Engineer

Indonesia East Java Public Works Department

Harvey Caldicott forged a successful engineering career leaving the family home and business as hop merchants in Worcester to work around the globe.

Harvey was born on 13 April 1854 in Worcester to William Caldicott and Matilda Caldicott (formerly Bayliss). He was the youngest of their six sons. He was baptised on 13 December 1863 at the Angel Street Congregational Church in Worcester.

Angel Street Congregational Church Worcester
Angel Street Congregational Church Worcester

At the age of 13 he passed the entrance exam for a scholarship to attend King’s School, Worcester.

On 20 July 1883 he became a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers. He worked as an engineer in Malaysia and Indonesia for several years becoming the State Engineer for Indonesia. He retired from this position in 1904.

On 28 October 1882 Harvey married Blanche Edith Child, daughter of civil engineer, Joe Child, in St George’s Church, Hanover Square.

St George Hanover Square
St George’s Church, Hanover Square

The couple had four children, Gladys Valerie, Kenneth Child, Trevor Harvey and Cedric Walter.

Gladys Valerie Caldicott was born in Singapore on 24 April 1884. However, she sadly died on 8 July 1885 in Malaysia, aged just 14 months.

Grave - Gladys Valerie Caldicott
Gravestone of Gladys Valerie Caldicott at the Protestant Cemetery at Palau Pinang, Malaysia

Kenneth Child Caldicott was born in Sri Lanka on 15 October 1887 and also became a civil engineer working overseas like his father. He married Louise Stuart Black and died in March 1968.

Trevor Harvey Caldicott was born in Edmonton in October 1889. He became an accountant and married Betty Elsie Dorothy Mottram. He died on 8 Jan 1962.

Cedric Walter Caldicott was born on 2 April 1881 but there are no further records that I have been able to find after he travelled to Singapore with his family in 1892. He may have died there.

Blanche died on 28 October 1898, aged just 36 and is buried in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.

Grave of Blanche Edith Child
Grave of Blanche Edith Child at Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

Harvey continued to travel for many years. He died aged 96 in Bournemouth, Hampshire on 27 May 1955.

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