Henry Caldicott – 1847 -1881 – Worcester Solicitor Who Tragically Died Young


Henry, affectionately known as Harry, Caldicott was a solicitor with a promising career that was tragically cut short as he passed away at the age of only 33 from some kind of lung disease.

Henry Caldicott was born around October 1847 in Worcester to William Caldicott and Matilda Caldicott (formerly Bayliss). He was the 4th of their six sons.

Like two of his brothers, Alfred James and Herbert, Harry had a strong musical interest and became a chorister at Worcester Cathedral. Unlike his eldest brother, Alfred who made music his career, becoming a famous composer, Harry chose a career path into law.

He also shared his brothers’ love of local sport, competing in the city’s cricket and rowing clubs.

In April 1879 Harry married Rebecca Jane Emma Mayne, youngest daughter of the late Captain. Henry Mayne, of the Worcestershire Militia in Worcester. His brother, Herbert was his best man and couple honeymooned in Brighton.

Harry and Rebecca had one son, Harold Mayne Caldicott who was born on 16 November 1880. He was a commercial clerk and served as a full-time air raid warden during WW2. He died B in Exeter on 13 April 1966.

Henry Caldicott began his career articled to Mr Richard Woolfe Esq, an esteemed Worcester solicitor, and in 1875 he became his partner. In 1877, he became joint magistrates clerk with Woolfe in Worcester. In 1878, upon the death of Mr. Woolfe, he succeeded him as Clerk to the City Justices and as the Worcestershire Chronicle reported after Harry’s death

the duties of which office he filled to their entire satisfaction.

In May 1881 Harry fell ill with inflammation and congestion of the lungs. Although he showed slight signs of improving at first, he sadly died from the illness on the 7 June 1881.

He had a large funeral attended by many dignitaries of the city, due to his father and brothers’ positions on the council and the high esteem he was held within the city for his short, but valued service at the magistrates court and for his role as solicitor. It was a full choral service and at the grave the choir sang the hymns “Jesus Lives” and “O Paradise.”

In his obituaries Harry was described as

a genial man, a gentleman with an amiable nature, honest and independent principles and was greatly respected in the city for his genial manners.

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