Oswald Holt Caldicott – 1844 – 1935 – Birmingham Chartered Accountant

Oswald Holt Caldicott was a highly regarded accountant in Birmingham and the surrounding area, working for many esteemed clients such as James Hart of Coventry, Ribbon Manufacturers and Singer Co. of Sewing Machine fame.

His family of ten children all led hugely successful lives and were highly regarded in society, his sons training in various reputable professions and his daughters celebrating society weddings to men from other well-thought of families.

Oswald Holt Caldicott was born on 14 May 1844 in Birmingham to Oswald Caldicott and his wife, Ann (formerly Coldicott, daughter of Underhill Coldicott, a successful farmer). He was christened at St George’s Church, Edgbaston on 18 July 1844.

St George's Church EdgbastonAt only 3 years old, Oswald Holt sadly lost his mother, Ann who died on 2 September 1847, aged just 33. She was buried at St George’s, where she had married, on 8 September 1847. On 6 Oct 1854 his father, Oswald was remarried to Sarah Coldicott, Ann’s sister

On 20 April 1870, Oswald Holt Caldicott married Rosa Mary Jagger, daughter of Charles Henry Jagger, solicitor at St Bartholmew’s Church, Edgbaston.

St Bartholomew's Church Edgbaston

By this time, Oswald had trained in accountancy and the couple lived, at first, at 2 Chesterfield Place, Edgbaston.

The couple had ten children, Charles Holt, Maud, Frank Oswald, John Philip, Holt Clare, Gertrude Elinor, Phyllis, Annette Lilian, Marie and Leonard.

Charles Holt Caldicott was born on 26 February 1871 and married Elizabeth Lora Phelps, daughter of Lieutenant General Arthur Phelps on 15 September 1898. He became a doctor and died in March 1959.

Maud Caldicott was born in January 1873 and went on to marry Frank Gibson Smith, a bank manager on 25 April 1900.

Frank Oswald Caldicott was born in January 1875 but died at just two years old. He was buried on 4 May 1877 at St Mary’s Church, Selly Oak.

St Mary's Church Selly Oak

John Phillip Caldicott was born on 6 February 1876, He became an accountant and married Mary Ethel Grinsell, daughter of James Erasmus Grinsell, Birmingham manufacturer. John died in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada on 23 March 1960.

Holt Clare Caldicott was born on 31 December 1877. He married Emily Mary Barnes, daughter of Arthur Barnes, solicitor, at St Mary’s Church, Lichfield. He died on 23 July 1966 in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada.

Gertrude Elinor Caldicott was born in July 1879, but sadly died aged just 14 in July 1893.

Phyllis Caldicott was born in July 1880 and married Hugh Westley Burman, a doctor, in Aston, Birmingham in July 1907. The couple eventually lived and worked in South Africa.

Annette Lilian Caldicott was born in April 1883 and worked as a professional singer, living in Kensington. She married Ernest George Pritchard, a violinist, in Kensington in January 1914.

Marie Caldicott was born in October 1885, but died at 2 years old in January 1888.

Leonard Caldicott was born on 23 July 1890 and died in September 1971.

By 1891 the family had moved to Water Orton, Warwickshire and then, by the turn on the century, they were living in Sutton Coldfield where they lived for over 20 years and Oswald continued to work as a Chartered Accountant.

Oswald Holt Caldicott died on 15 January 1935 and was buried in St Peter’s Churchyard, Little Aston, near Birmingham.

St Peter's Church Little Aston

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