Holt Clare Caldicott – 1877-1966 – Master Brewer

Holt Clare Caldicott was born on 31 December 1877 to Oswald Holt Caldicott and Rosa Mary Jagger.

By the age of 23 he had moved to Kings Lynn and was working as a Master Brewer.

He married Emily Mary Barnes, daughter of Arthur Barnes, solicitor, at St Mary’s Church, Lichfield. The bride wore a gown of oyster white satin radium and Phyllis Caldicott, sister of Holt was one of the bridesmaids. The couple honeymooned in Belgium.

St Marys Church Lichfield

The couple had two daughters Mary Caldicott, Barbara Caldicott and a son, Arthur Holt Caldicott.

By 1911 they had moved to the Jesmond area of Newcastle upon Tyne where Holt was working as a Brewer’s Manager.

However, on the 13 April 1912 the family set sail for a new life in Canada on the ship, Mauretania. They arrived at New York on 19 April 1912 and on 10 May they were naturalised into the USA.

CALDICOTT Holt Clare b1877 Mauretania

Holt became a brewery worked in Montana when he first arrived in the States and by 1939 was working as aB Liquor Provincial Government Vendor in Montreal, Canada.

Holt and Emily returned to the UK several times over the years to visit the relatives they had left behind. The last time Holt returned was in 1957 when he was 79 years old.

Holt Clare Caldicott died on 23 July 1966 in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, aged 88.

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