Charles Holt Caldicott – 1871-1959 – Doctor

Charles Holt Caldicott was born on 26 February 1871 to Oswald Holt Caldicott and Rosa Mary Jagger in Edgbaston.

He went on to train in medicine at Mason Science College a predecessor of Birmingham University and may have been a peer of Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, also studying there around that time.


He married Elizabeth Lora Phelps, daughter of Lieutenant General Arthur Phelps on 15 September 1898 at St Bartholmew’s Church, Edgbaston and then went on to work as a doctor in Chobham, Surrey. The couple had three children, Enid Lora Caldicott, Richard Arthur Holt Caldicott and John William Charles Caldicott.

Life as a doctor wasn’t always easy. On 10 February 1939 he attended a coroner’s inquest regarding the suicide at a private nursing home of one of his patients, Kathleen B Margaret Alexander Hillard, wife of Edward Hilliard, former bursar of Balliol College, Oxford.

She was being treated by Charles for mental illness and sadly managed to make her way to the roof of the building and threw herself off, witnessed by a gardener, working for the establishment.

Charles had assessed her emotional state and had felt she was improving and had showed no suicidal tendency. He had said that he wasB he was deeply distressed by the occurrence, for he felt his responsibility to the family very much.

The coroner gave a verdict of suicide and Charles was not found to be responsible in any way. Edward Arden Hilliard, son of Edward and Kathleen, said the family attached no blame to Dr. Caldicott.

Charles Holt Caldicott died in March 1959, aged 88.

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