Charles Hubert Caldicott – 1892 – 1985 – Successful Publisher, Honorary Manager of Gainsborough Trinity FC and Special Policeman

Charles Hubert Caldicott was born on 23 December 1892 to CharlesB and Mary Ann (formely Dook),B a part of the prominent publishing family of Gainsborough responsible for producing the Gainsborough News and linked to Gainsborough Trinity Football Club (SeeB Gainsborough Caldicotts – Prominent Newspaper PublishersB andB Gainsborough Caldicotts – Owners of Trinity Football Club).

CALDICOTT Charles Hubert b1892
Charles Hubert Caldicott

He was christened on 29 January 1893 at Holy Trinity Church, Gainsborough.

Gainsborough Parish Church

He served in the army in the First World War.

Charles married Dorothy Mildred Ackroyd, daughter of Joseph, engineer’s clerk and Mildred (formerly Barshaw and Burcham) in March 1917, but the couple did not have any children.

One of his biggest passions was football and Charles was honorary manager of Gainsborough Trinity Football Club for many years – for the full story of how Charles and other members of his family were involved in the club seeB Gainsborough Caldicotts – Owners of Trinity Football Club.

In 1923 Charles joined the Gainsborough Police as a Special Constable, a career of voluntary service to which he was going dedicate himself for many years. B In 1939, he was promoted to the rank, equivalent to Sergeant, making his way up to Inspector in 1940.

He was awarded the Chief Constable’s Commendation for the action he took leading to the arrest of a soldier who had broken into Silver Street Services Club in August 1940.

He was also awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours List in 1946, which decoration he considered a recognition of the work of the Special Constabulary in the Gainsborough Division.


When he retired in 1959, he was a year short from qualifying for the fourth bar on hisB Special Constabulary Long Service Medal.


Charles also retired from his position as manager of Gainsborough Trinity FC in 1959 and sold the football club’s ground to the Trinity Supporters Club to preserve the ground for the use of sport forever.

Dorothy died aged 91 in 1975 and Charles died at the age of the age of 92 on 21 March 1985 atB Laughton Forest Rest Home, Scotter Common, Gainsborough.

This article has been produced largely because of research undertaken byB Gainsborough Heritage Association.B I would like to give warm and sincere thanks to the volunteers who committed their time to discovering a treasure trove of stories and information.

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