William Hargrave Caldicott 1824 – 1877 – Founding Member of the Gainsborough Caldicotts’ Publishing Business

William Hargrave Caldicott b1824

William Hargrave Caldicott was born in Leominster to Edward and Caroline (nee Hargrave) in 1824. It seems to be a small family as William had just one younger sister Elizabeth Hargrave Caldicott who was born in 1827 and who later married John Hatfield Marshall on 22 May 1852 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. He was christened in Leominster on 14 April 1824.

William himself married Eliza Newball on 12 September 1850 at the pretty St Paul’s Church, Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire and shortly afterwards moved to Gainsborough.

St Paul's Church, Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire
St Paul’s Church, Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire

Eliza was from a very highly esteemed Nottingham family. Her father, Thomas Newball was a property developer in Hyson Green and her brother, Thomas Ayre Newball was a successful manufacturing chemist who was a partner of Newball and Mason in Nottingham, which is also where Boots Chemists originated. They developed many products includingB coffee, fruit essences and flavourings, household chemicals, culinary and medicinal herbs which they made from ingredients grown on their own fruit and herb farm. But most noteworthy was their Botanic Beer,B a concentrated essence that could be made up into the non-alcoholic beverage.

William Hargrave Caldicott made his living in a bookselling and publishing business. Established in a premises in Market Place, Gainsborough he became newspaper proprietor of the Gainsborough News (See Gainsborough Caldicotts – Prominent Newspaper PublishersB for the full story of this successful business).

William was an upstanding member of his community, serving as a churchwarden at Gainsborough Parish Church for many years and he also held a position on the Board of Health.

Gainsborough Parish Church

William died early at the age of 54 of consumption at his home in the Old Rectory, Gainsborough after suffering from failing health for some time. He leftB under B#8000 to Thomas Ayre Newball, his brother-in-law, Eliza his wife and James Braithwaite.

Eliza and William had six children, William Hargrave, Jane, Charles, Edwin Tearle, Thomas Newball and Kate Hargrave.

William Hargrave Jr was born in 1852, but sadly died aged just 4 on 17 July 1856.

Jane was born in 1854, but also died young aged 16 on 27 Jul 1871.

Edwin Tearle was born on 22 February 1859 and became a lithographic artist working in many places around the country, including Westminster, London.

Thomas Newball was born in 1862 and became an ironmonger.

Kate Hargrave Caldicott was born in 1865 and married James Long in January 1906 in Scarborough. The couple did not have any children together and Kate died at the age of 75 on 13 Jan 1941 in Scarborough.

This article has been produced largely because of research undertaken byB Gainsborough Heritage Association.B I would like to give warm and sincere thanks to the volunteers who committed their time to discovering a treasure trove of stories and information.

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