1939 Caldicotts and Where They Lived

I have recently finished collecting data from the 1939 Register, a national register of Great Britain and Northern Ireland instigated by the outbreak of WW2. This document not only helped with civilian administration throughout the war for identity cards, organising rationing, etc., but also provided the foundation for NHS records.
The data I have collated is currently only for the Caldicott spelling variation of the Caldicott surname, although I intend to expand this research to include all variants and deviants of the surname.
The information I have collected shows an interesting distribution of Caldicotts across the counties of England and Wales as the chart below shows –
1939 Caldicott County Analysis Chart
County Caldicott Distribution Image
The highest population of Caldicotts appear in Warwickshire where there were 227 out of the 624 total in England and Wales. The table below shows the data for the top ten counties in which the Caldicotts were most frequently found –
1939 Top Ten Counties Caldicott Distribution Image
The table below shows the distribution of Caldicotts across Warwickshire, with the largest population occupying Birmingham –
Warwickshire Caldicott Distribution Image
In Staffordshire, the most populated boroughs are still located surrounding the Birmingham area –
Staffordshire Caldicott Distribution Image
Finally, Worcestershire has the most Caldicotts located in Tenbury and Bromsgrove –
Worcestershire Caldicott Distribution Image

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